Rental Prices

Our rental fleet includes two Palace yurts, one Lotus yurt, one Champagne yurt, two Boudoir Yurts, one tipi, our Yurt Glamping Village and three Stretch tents.  

All rental costs are for two days.  

ShelterDiameterPriceExtra DayFlooringLightingDecor
Palace yurt33ft$1745$195$275$225$95
Lotus yurt30ft$1495$195$250$200$95
Champagne yurt28ft$1295$195$250$200$95
Boudoir yurt basic17ft$320$50included$25$35
*Boudoir yurt with furnishings17ft$430$50includedincludedincluded
Glamping Village5 yurts & dinning wagon$1495$195includedincludedincluded
Stretch Tents24ftX34ft$645$75n/a$125n/a

*The Boudoir yurt with furnishings includes two futon beds, three sleeping cots, a shyrdak (felted carpet), felted wall decoration, scatter cushions, a table, shelf, solar globe lights and a hand punched metal lantern with amber glass.

Travel Costs

Our travel costs are .80 per kilometer in Nova Scotia (two round trips) and .90 per kilometre in NB & PEI (two round trips). Due to unpredictable fuel prices, travel costs are subject to change without notice.


A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. We accept cheques, money orders or interac e-transfer.

Please make cheques payable to Little Foot Yurts Inc. 

Please note that tables and chairs are not provided by Little Foot Yurts and must be either rented separately or provided by your caterer. We do however have many seating plans for you to view and we can create a personal seating plan if you wish. 

Cancellation Policy

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. This ensures that we can save the date and size of yurt exclusively for a client. Changing the date and yurt size affects our ability to know what dates are available. Yurts are booked one year to six months in advance and in the few cases where people have cancelled their booking it's rare that we are able to fill the booking at that late stage. We recommend that all of our clients be sure of the date and yurt type before they book. 

Set Up

The Palace Yurt takes 12 hours to set up, and the Lotus & Champagne Yurts take 6-8 hours to set up.  The Boudoir yurts and Stretch tents take a few hours.  For a typical Saturday wedding, the minimum two-day rental allows us to set up the Palace yurt on Wednesday and Thursday.  This would give you all day Friday to set up tables, decorations, etc.  The yurt must be empty by 10 am on Sunday for us to take it down.  It would be an extra $195 per day thereafter, for the large yurts.

Our large yurts need to be erected on flat and even ground.  Ensure that your chosen area is not more than 1 foot off from level over the entire diameter.  To ensure that the Palace yurt will fit in your chosen space, measure a rope to 18ft (16ft for the Lotus & 15ft for the Champagne yurt) and place a peg in the middle of where you want the yurt to be.  Follow the rope around in a circle to make sure the ground is flat and even. If you wish to set up two large yurts together, the two diameters need to be side by side in your chosen location.

The Palace Yurt is 22ft high in the centre and 6.5 t high at the walls.  The Lotus & Champagne yurt is 13ft high in the centre and 6.5ft high at the walls.  The Palace, Lotus & Champagne yurts have two doorways opposite eachother and are 7 ft high by 4 ft wide. 

Please note: We must be able to have direct vehicle access to your chosen spot.  If we are not able to unload within 50 feet, extra charges for set up will apply.

Our yurts can be set up on grass or on hard surfaces. On grass or softer ground, we use 18” pegs which tie to a rope that is flush to the yurt walls. On concrete, tarmac, or harder surfaces, we will either require 14 concrete blocks (provided by the client) or we will drill in into the hard surface and hammer our pegs in.

Our stretch tents require 10ft from the perimeter of the tent for the guy ropes and fastenings, and in most cases pegging 35” into the ground. Fastenings can also be attached to buildings, trees and ballasts. If your site has special ground conditions (solid rock, impacted gravel, tarmac, or protected archeological site) please contact us in advance for a site consultation.

Want to see the process of our Little Foot Yurt team setting up our Palace Yurt? Watch this video!


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