Stretch Tents

Based on the Beduin style tents of North Africa, the stretch tent is suitable for a lounge and chill out space, bar and food service area and a music space or stage. An ideal accessory tent to our yurts!

The material that is stretched over the wooden poles is very strong and 100% waterproof. They can be set up free standing on all terrains including slopes, next to buildings, to cover pathways, or between trees.

We have three stretch tents (each 34ft x 24ft) which can be joined together and pitched a number of ways to create either an open canopy with all sides up or a weather protected area with one to three sides down.

Create one-of-kind shapes with a stretch tent!

  • One stretch tent: 24ft * 34ft ($645 each for a two day rental & $75 per extra rental day) 
  • 48 Banqueting, 60 Standing cocktail, 70 Ceremony or Theatre 
  • Two stretch tents: 48ft * 34ft  
  • 96 Banqueting, 120 Standing cocktail, 140 Ceremony or Theatre 
  • Three stretch tents: 72ft * 34ft  
  • 144 Banqueting, 180 Standing cocktail, 210 Ceremony or Theatre 


The lighting package for the stretch tent includes two hand punched metal lanterns with amber and blue glass, LED dimmable Edison bulbs and a colour changing mood light. $125

The lighting package will need one three prong outlet. Please note we do not provide extension cords for lighting requirements.

Set up

Our stretch tents require 10ft from the perimeter of the tent for the guy ropes and fastenings, and in most cases pegging 35” into the ground. Fastenings can also be attached to buildings, trees and ballasts.

To accommodate three stretch tents connected, a site that is 95ft X 55ft is required to allow for guy ropes. 

Using multiple yurts and stretch tents together creates a dynamic and exciting atmosphere encouraging movement and mingling. After dinner, one of the yurts or stretch tents can be an intimate space for a bar or lounge area allowing the other yurt to be an amazing venue for dancing!

If you have more than 90 people, renting a stretch tent for your service & bar area will allow you to maximize the yurt for guest seating. Using a combination of yurts and stretch tents can accommodate up to 200 people.

Check out our Seating Plans page to help you choose how many stretch tents and or yurts you will need.