Design & Production

17ft yurt at Kejimkujik National Park, NS

We are builders of Nova Scotia coppice wood yurts, inspired by the Kyrgyz and Mongolian style yurts.  

Each yurt is hand crafted and designed for the specific needs of our clients. Our yurts are made with green wood and natural materials so they do require the owner taking an active part in maintaining the yurt. Read more in our Maintenance & Cleaning Guide. Oiling the frame, brushing the canvas and taking it down when not in use is an important part of preserving and lengthening the life of a cotton covered yurt.  

Yurt owners find many uses for their yurts, such as a studio, guesthouse, classroom or workshop space, gazebo, retreat and meditation centre, family camping, vacation cottage, or for a permanent home.  


What makes our yurts so special?

  • Ancient building techniques such as riving, steam bending & ironmongery produce a stronger frame than other yurts
  • We support local well managed woodlots and develop coppice woodlands which produces a healthy and sustainable renewable resource
  • We are the only yurt producer using breathable natural membranes; cotton canvas and felt insulation
  • By utilizing round wood we create beautifully hand crafted yurts each one unique and individual
  • By following the traditional design it allows our clients to set up and dismantle with ease. 

Installing a Little Foot Yurt at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site was a huge success. We had many positive comments from visitors and our Little Foot Yurt spurred a sizable increase in winter camping at Keji last year. Visitors commented on how their overnight stay in the yurt heightened their overall winter experience at Keji. Working with Alex and Selene was a pleasure, as they truly care about their yurts and the local resources that go into their fabrication. Thank-you Little Foot Yurts!

- Ashley Moffat, Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada, NS See more testimonials