Types & Sizes

17ft yurt frame

Every yurt we make is custom designed and we take great pride in working with our customers in a personal way.  In most cases we prefer to meet with our clients and go through all of the choices and arrive at a yurt that will fit your personal needs. We build in the winter months providing new yurts in the early spring time. All of our yurts include the following:

Wall trellises, spruce or steam bent ash (24-28 ft only), door frame, coppiced maple, ash or birch roof poles, steam bent wheel; tailored yurt canvas including wall sections with rot proof skirt, roof canvas with perimeter rope, tension band, canvas door, tie downs, pegs and eight pointed roof hat with window (color of your choice for roof hat).

We have five common sizes of yurts that we build (12 ft, 17 ft, 20 ft, 24 ft & 28 ft) however we can custom build your yurt to any size and specification that suits your needs.

Wheel and Canvas Kits

At Little Foot Yurts we run yurt building workshops to share our knowledge and passion about natural building. We make yurt building accessible by providing the more difficult components like the steam bent wheel and canvas coverings. Check out this document for more details! Little_Foot_Yurts_Wheel__